Lantern Pinon Cutter.

This tool will give you nice clean square ends on the pinion wire ...
you will get a slight burr on one end which you just touch
on the cut off wheel to clean up.

Also great for cutting all hard wire, such as for a pivot.

All wires will be exactly the same length.

The alligator clip holder (included) keeps the cut piece from flying
or you can use a pencil type magnet.

Set up time is minimal.

Includes, (as shown in the picture):
Lathe Hinged Holder Attachment,
Bolt and Knob for holder,
Pin Vise,
Cut Off Wheel
Alligator Clip

Excludes the lathe, lathe motor, collet or chuck.

After setting the size for repeated length cuts, rotate the pin vise holder into the cutting wheel.

The Alligator clip hangs onto the cut piece so you don't lose it.

Limited Supply



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