Penny Pivot Polisher

Simple, Affordable, Effective.
Now, everyone can afford to own a Penny Pivot Polisher!
When you compare set up time & clean up time to the electrified polishers, this is just as fast and more affordable.

Quality Made in the USA with with hard Maple post with correct size & angle groves for most clocks, Baltic Birch Plywood.

Shown with included table mount bracket. You can use without bracket in most any vice. Hundreds in use. Mouse over above image for demo.

$24.95 + shipping*

* Add for Shipping, Priority Mail $9.75 with insurance.

We recommenced our Pivot Polisher Oil ($9.99) or a good grade clock oil. No extra charge for shipping if shipped at the same time.

Excluded in pictures shown: Burnisher, table, wheel/arbor, steel C clamps, hands.

Note! We no longer sell the Morgan Polisher & you may be able to purchase one direct from the company.